Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Padded Headboard

I got tired of my old headboard from college and wanted to do something about it. It’s been 7 years since I bought that headboard and by the way, I got a great deal on it with 2 side tables and a chest of drawers; they served me well. I decided to give someone else an opportunity to enjoy the headboard and get a more “modern” headboard for one of the “soon to be” guest rooms.
Thanks to HGTV and numerous blog searches, I came across an idea that I liked for a queen headboard
Here is a picture of my old faithful headboard (the side table didn't make it into the picture and the chest of drawers already found a new home J)

The list of materials needed for this project:
· 64 X 44 inch, ¾ inch thick pine sheet
· 2-64 inches wide pieces of 2” high density foam
· Low Loft Batting
· Felt cloth for Backing
· Fabric for headboard cover
· Tacky spray adhesive
· 3-inch wide, 1 inch thick pine planks cut into
  • 1-57 inch piece
  • 1-49 inch piece
  • 2-53 inch pieces
  • 1-29 inch piece
  • 2-16 inch pieces
Below is a schematic of the design CB and I came up with

In addition to the materials, we needed nails, power drill, staple/nail gun, hammer, and screwdriver
The first step was laying out the headboard to make sure the pieces fit properly. Because the width of the pine plank was not exactly 3-inches, we had to do some “engineering calculations” to set-up the headboard body and frame.

64 X 44 inch, ¾ inch thick pine sheet

Laying the pine planks for the frame
The second step: attach the pieces of wood that form the frame to the pine sheet using 1” screws. We used 3-5 nails per piece of wood depending on the strength (we used 3 on frame side and 2 on the other side)
1" screw on frame side

Screws going in on plank side to reinforce frame
Leg Reinforced
Headboard looking strong
Third step: cut the 2” HD foam to size using a knife, no one will see the rough edges once we put the padding (CB didn’t see the need to buy an electric knife because of the high density foam)

We cut the foam on the right to match the length of the headboard (Doggie found the high density foam comfortable)
Fourth step: glue the HD foam to the headboard using the tacky spray glue. We waited 30-45 minutes and played with the doggie while this dried.
Once we were satisfied with the drying, we pulled the batting tight over foam and went crazy with the staple gun setting it in place. It is good to have one person pulling tight and the other stapling so you don’t have folds and kinks in the batting.

HD foam wrapped in batting
CB and I repeated the process for the gold fabric we choose. We plan on doing a dark chocolate brown accent wall sometime in the “not so near” future so that the gold fabric will pop against the accent wall.

Headboard 80% ready

We brought out the metal frames to make sure our design was right and drilled holes to attach metal frames
Final step: cover the frame and the back with some cheap felt fabric so the wood and nails aren’t scratching the wall and so the back looks pretty too

Back of headboard covered (doesn't have to look extra pretty)

We stained the leg of the head board to match the side tables we made

My next post will be the big reveal of the two rooms with a few accents. Can’t wait to share pictures of the rooms that will be the future guest rooms in the CB & Jumi house J

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Side Tables

As mentioned in the previous post, we took a first stab at DIY projects with the bookcase which was a great success (if I say so myself). Our main plan was to build a padded headboard and I figured it would be nice to get some modern side tables to go with the headboard and also make something for the headboard in CB’s room since we plan on having 2 guest rooms in the future.
The first step was to look for something we both agreed on and we found the following side tables online and we both liked them or maybe CB pretended to so I’m happy. He has totally gotten the happy wife = happy life concept J
Some modern side table ideas I found and our design on the right
The step was to determine the dimensions we would like for the 2 sets of side tables since we had a queen sized bed and a full sized bed.
We went with 18-inches long side tables for the full bed and 15-inches long tables for the queen bed.
We went to the hardware store and purchased 2-6 feet long, ¾ inch thick, 12 inches (1 foot) wide pine wood planks and 1-4 feet long plank.  
We cut the planks into the following pieces thanks to the awesome folks at the hardware store
  • 3- 18” long pieces of wood
  • 3- 15” long pieces of wood
  • 8- 11” long pieces of wood
CB brought out his power drill, screw driver and some 1 ½ inch nails and we got to work.
Below are pictures of the process and final products. The grand reveal will be a separate post after the padded headboard tutorial.
Planks already cut from the hardware store

CB drilling holes for the screw
It's coming together
Modern side table is complete
Comparing old and new
Last side tables completed
Stained and left to dry