Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Side Tables

As mentioned in the previous post, we took a first stab at DIY projects with the bookcase which was a great success (if I say so myself). Our main plan was to build a padded headboard and I figured it would be nice to get some modern side tables to go with the headboard and also make something for the headboard in CB’s room since we plan on having 2 guest rooms in the future.
The first step was to look for something we both agreed on and we found the following side tables online and we both liked them or maybe CB pretended to so I’m happy. He has totally gotten the happy wife = happy life concept J
Some modern side table ideas I found and our design on the right
The step was to determine the dimensions we would like for the 2 sets of side tables since we had a queen sized bed and a full sized bed.
We went with 18-inches long side tables for the full bed and 15-inches long tables for the queen bed.
We went to the hardware store and purchased 2-6 feet long, ¾ inch thick, 12 inches (1 foot) wide pine wood planks and 1-4 feet long plank.  
We cut the planks into the following pieces thanks to the awesome folks at the hardware store
  • 3- 18” long pieces of wood
  • 3- 15” long pieces of wood
  • 8- 11” long pieces of wood
CB brought out his power drill, screw driver and some 1 ½ inch nails and we got to work.
Below are pictures of the process and final products. The grand reveal will be a separate post after the padded headboard tutorial.
Planks already cut from the hardware store

CB drilling holes for the screw
It's coming together
Modern side table is complete
Comparing old and new
Last side tables completed
Stained and left to dry

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