Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pictures of Operation Christmas Child Boxes

Here are the pictures of the 4 boxes I prepared and sent off to Samaritan’s Purse through my church

Girl Age 10-14 Contents
Girl Age 10-14 Finished Box

Boy Age 10-14 Contents
Boy Age 10-14 Finished Box
Girl Age 5-9 Contents
Girl Age 5-9 Finished Box
Boy Age 5-9 Contents
Boy Age 5-9 Finished Box
Finished Boxes Labelled & Ready to go
Finished Boxes

And guess who was pretending to be ignoring me while his little brother was no where to be found

M-Big Doggie

It was fun to go shopping for these boxes and I pray that as each year goes by I will be able to do more and more and continue to bless others in appreciation of how much God has blessed me.

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