Monday, December 17, 2012

Entry Way

We are in the process of turning our house into a home and they say first impressions matter.Well, this was the first impression you get when you walk into our house

Big M doesn't want to be a part of this

Foyer table and mirror
It’s not really the worst entry way I've seen but it wasn't something we were completely pleased with.

We purchased some frames after Ty saw a TV show where they showed a famous quarterback with a table of pictures. Our friend was in town and suggested we get a vase to put by the table and this is (was) the final product.

Little M is such a poser

We had this gold beauty for a few days until my Big M got so excited when his “Uncle” came to visit that he broke it.

We decided to get something that was made from metal just in case a similar accident happens again and to make it more family friendly in general. Ty suggested that in the spirit of DIY, we get something and spray it with glitter paint.

We got this giraffe print vase for a third of the price of the ceramic gold vase at one of my favorite stores. 

I tried to make it work but it doesn't really "pop"

So off it went to the work space aka the garage to get transformed. Ty actually did all the work while I went to run some errands. 

In the garage ready to be sprayed
We got gold spray for the base just in case we miss a few spots and glitter spray to go over the top.

Krylon is amazing

Ty sprayed a few coats of gold paint 

A few coats of glitter spray later
We let it dry for a couple of hours while we went to pick up some flowers to put in it. 
Looks better already
We added a place to hang coats to the Foyer. I got the idea of putting the letter from Pinterest. Most people have a capital letter but this little a looks so cute.

Coat Hanger/Shelf

We added some red flowers to the vase (the white ones are in a vase in the dining area) and more frames to the table. 

 The A family Foyer/Entry Way
We are very happy with the end result and I am really excited about making our home a beautiful, cozy place that we will always be proud to show off. 

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