Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ottoman Re-finishing / Dog Shaming

We got a lovely leather ottoman as a wedding gift and we were so excited because we could store our blankets and random knick knacks in it.

During the bad weather storms we had a few weeks ago, we left the dogs free in the house to keep them nice and warm. Well this is what happened.

Ottoman Chew Toy
 And here is a “mug shot” of the guilty party

He thought it was a giant chew toy
 There are a few red items in the living room so we got some patterned red material, took the top apart and re-finished the top of the ottoman.

Taken Apart
Attached the material with a staple gun

Looking pretty

We put piping around the edges

Attached the base

All together, not such a bad look

 We didn’t really feel the finished product so we took it all apart again. We got some blue Vinyl from the fabric store, upholstery pins and a rubber mallet to refinish the ottoman again. 

Below are pictures of the refinishing with the blue vinyl. We are in love with the pop of color this blue adds to our living room.
Ottoman cover re-done
Tired helpers/destroyers in the background

covering up the chewed up edges for a smooth finish

Almost done
Adding the gold trim with the rubber mallet
Finished Product

Our throws and blankets have a home once a again :)

Hint of Turquoise

This was a fun project to do. We pray the puppy doesn't destroy anything else but it was fun to try out ways to not throw this ottoman away especially as it was a wedding gift from a very dear family friend.



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