Monday, March 9, 2015

Wall to Wall Built-In Storage

This was a bitter sweet project for us because it replaced our very first diy project; remember this very well built book shelf ? We have a lot more books and nick-knacks than the book shelf could hold. I also wanted something more fancy that we could serve as a decorative backdrop to the room. Because we spend so much time in this room, we felt the need to incorporate a lounge and guest room option into the project.

Before picture of game room
This project took a full day. We started at 8 AM with a run to the hardware store and finished a little after 5 PM (we did take a break for lunch). Our wonderful friends who own a local design and construction company helped us out a lot with this project.

List of supplies used:
  • 11 - 3/4 x 11-1/4 x 8 White Melamine Square Edge Shelving (6)
  • 14ft -  1.25” wide window and door casings
  • 3/8" Poplar Buttons
  • 1 - Antique White Paintable Latex Window and Door Caulk
  • 2 - Valspar Base A Interior Satin Paint Sample
  • 1-1/2-in x 18-Gauge Brad Nails
  • ½ pint Spackling
  • Putty knife
  • Touch up paint roller kit
Here are pictures of the built in process

Cleaned out entire room
Melamine shelving and casings 
Shelves being assembled
Close-up of assembly
Measure twice, cut once 
Added support bar to screw into wall
1 side completed
Poplar buttons painted and used to cover screw holes
We attached the units to the studs using the bars at the top and finished up with some caulk. The casings were attached to the fronts using a finish nailer and the holes were filled before painting.

The same thing was done again for the other side of the room. Both sides are identical and the space in the middle is enough to fit a standard day bed with about 4 inches on both sides.

We added two shelves across the middle and used the 2 vertical pieces of wood to add some support to the shelves. 
We picked out most of the decorative pieces from what we had acquired over the years and purchased a few items. One fun thing we decided to do was to both have 1 shelf that we decorated completely to fit our styles.

Guess who "owns" which shelf
 The awkward space left by the support bars actually came in handy. We got to hang "Family" rules and and a crown which means something special to us. Some people who know us may guess :)

Top 2 rows
 We made the artwork using upholstery fabric and come colored cardboard and a garage sale gold frame.
Gold & Black Cardboard

Sewing supplies came in handy 

A colorful display

Panoramic View


MadeBeautiful said...

What a great job!!! It all looks so good together.

Jumi said...

Thanks Ade

Unknown said...

I love it...its perfect and just on time for spring.

Jumi said...

Yes Rue, It is... we love to hang out in there