Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Man vs. Wife Decoration Date Night

JT and I were trying to do something fun for date night on Friday and as a foodie all my ideas included eating out. We wanted to do something different from just going out to eat so my dear man came up with the brilliant idea to write names of different areas in the house and with a budget of $50 come up with something to put in that room. I really wanted the 2nd guest room and JT wanted the Living Room… well, I got the Kitchen and he got the Guest Room (slightly upset wife). We gave each other 30 minutes to come up with a design plan and off we went to buy the materials.
I decided to red-do the knife block in the Kitchen because I saw a similar design here  with a green color scheme that fits our kitchen and included my favorite color Purple.
 I spent about $15 total so I was way under budget. The items I used for the knife block are
  • Medium sanding block
  • Multi-surface spray primer
  • Indoor/Outdoor Spray paint
  • Polyurethane spray (already had this at home so it was not part of my budget)
  • Newspapers
There are numerous tutorials online and you can find different ideas on the internet.

Well, here is what I ended up with and I was not too happy with it.

Materials Used
After 1 coat of Primer and 2 Coats of Paint
 JT on the other hand put up curtains in the guest room which I have been convincing him to do.. He did spend very close to the limit but I say he won the challenge.

Guest Room with Curtains
While I was out of town, JT looked at my browsing history to find the exact knife block I was looking at. He found a match and bought extra accessories to give me something close to what I wanted. He put in two nights of work sanding, priming, painting, waiting for paint to dry, and painting again.  

This is what I saw when i returned home....I’m such a lucky girl. 
Knife Block Re-Done
Love It !!!!! 


Unknown said...

awww...too cute...That's a really cool date night idea... and I love the knife block.

Jumi said...

thanks Rumbie :)